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Walk Of Life Training inc.
    A flexible strengths based program, 
designed to empower participants, for a positive future.  Non- judgemental, safe and supportive - It provides activity based training in Foundation and Employability skills, Emotional Education, Wisdom Training and Life Skills.
Trauma Informed & culturally aware staff.
Long-term Case Management  provided 
with this service. T2S & Restorative
Justice assistance.
WOLTi      180°
WOLTi Program
@ The  Brisbane Youth Detention Centre
Delivering Emotional Education, Life and Employability skills Training at the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre.  Helping to break the re-ofense and abuse cycle
through assistance in and out of detention. 
Case Management, Relief Packages, 
Employment Opportunities
Apprenticeships, and so
much more!
Mobile Assistance 
   aims to protect young people who are
homeless, at risk of becoming homeless, have runaway due to abuse, etc -  and to help them find stable housing and services as the first part of a plan to become independent, healthy and self-sufficient.
This mobile service will ensure young people who
are sleeping rough, couch surfing or struggling to maintain a tenancy, can get help no matter
where they are in the South East Reagion!


 WOLTi is a Not-For-Profit organisation determined to assist Youth at Risk. It's  vision

is to assist Australia's  vulnerable  Youth to  overcome or prevent abuse,  helplessness, poverty and/or destitution, by means of  empowerment and highlighting a clear pathway to self-sufficiency. Aimed to make a tangible and long-term differencein society.  

At WOLTi we believe in a young person’s

need to belong.   We can change the

lives of vulnerable young



endorsed by the Office of The

Gold Coast


Our current service delivery
area is from North Coast to
Gold Coast to Ipswich and
anything in between!

We are PBI and DGR endorsed

ABN: 11164088448

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Winner of the 2016

Community Engagement

Awards From

Australian Catholic Uni

We Won an Award!

           WOLTi assists to

     prevent homelessness and

  other destructive situations for

adolescents and to enhance positive

youth development for all young people

at risk of harm by promoting safe, healthy alternatives through the provision of

  mobile, outreach, and resourceful

     community services.


Walk Of Life Training Inc (WOLTi) is a not-for-profit  established to provide intensive life skills,  emotional education, employment training, education, case management and other supportive services to the community and specially to youth involved in youth justice, are homeless or experiencing abuse at home.  Our mission is to promote self sufficiency among the youth most in need.

Walk Of Life Training inc. (WOLTi) focus is to assist disengaged youth who have broken up schooling, are in trouble with the law, are homeless or suffer from abuse in their homes. To access the youth most in need we mainly work at the Brisbane Youth Detention center (BYDC) at Wacol, where most young people are not only in detention, but also suffer Drug and alcohol addictions, have learning disabilities, mental illness, abandonment and abuse. They are also at high risk of suicide and live in families caught in the cycle of generational unemployment therefore only look forward to a life dependent on welfare. The young people at the BYDC come from many locations in Queensland. We currently assist young people from the areas of Gold Coast, Logan, Western district, Scenic rim, Ipswich and Brisbane however, this year as our capacity grows we intend to cover every area from Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast.

Putting things into context:
Every young person deserves the opportunity to have a go at life - to be the best they can be regardless of gender, cultural background, disadvantaged upbringing, mental illness, medical condition etc.

But what is the problem:
The Young people we assist are the most in need young Australians who have had a difficult upbringing and have learned many coping mechanisms leading them to making more and more wrong decisions.  Many reside in homes where there is domestic violence, have been abused and have been forced or taught to commit crimes by care givers; some of them also have addictions, mental illness, and very limited schooling and a lot of them have been to detention numerous times.

Many of these participants have a very unsafe home or are homeless all together; some even re-offend intentionally because detention is safer than their home. The majority do not believe they have any abilities and can never succeed at anything other than crime and they have no guidance or appropriate support at home. These young people feel unsafe and incapable to see any kind of future for themselves. Their desperate situation leads them to depression, homelessness and in some cases to suicide; but there is HOPE through our life lessons training and the individual support, which brings a beginning of optimism through a caring environment and a self-discovery path to confidence and motivation.

The re-offence rate in Australia is currently in excess of 80%, and without adequate assistance to brake this cycle they will most likely grow into a life of poverty and crime as adults, which by default, makes Australian society more and more unsafe.  WOLTi has been created based on effective worldwide studies, e.g. Norway which has 25% re-offence rate, utilising a very effective and humane rehabilitation method.

What WOLTi is doing about it:
WOLTi works passionately assisting Australian youth most in need or at risk, it is our priority to help them feel safe and healthy, to feel appreciated and capable to work hard to build a positive future. We help bring the emotional stability that allows their motivation to rise, for hope to develop, and we give them a hand up to get started in the difficult task of leaving hardship behind and commencing a positive, productive, happy and healthy life.

Our program utilises an effective method of assessment to discover the young participants whose situation is purely the result of their environment, but have a good nature and the intrinsic desire to build a positive normal life. We then guide them through a self-discovery journey where they realise their natural skills and use them as a basis to, with our help, plan for a career path.

Since WOLTi’s program is a complete wrap around program we start our participants on their career path and continue supporting them with further learning or commencing skills building programs and entry-level employment until they reach stability. Each individual is different so the process can take anything from a few months to a few years, but it is our mission to help them succeed, and it is evident that broken up support is not effective so we are geared to continued assistance until they achieve independence.  

There are many programs that address a single issue, and government support departments who assist at various points in a young person’s life. WOLTi offers the continued constant support in their lives that joins other services, bringing a sense of stability and our policy is to be inclusive of all community and government groups therefore we have the links and working relationships to make the most of all assistance out there.

WOLTi is a Public Benevolent Institution with a Donor Gift Recipient (DGR) status granted by the Australian ATO, and we are registered with ACNC the charities overseeing body.



Chris, 18


Name and photo changed to protect privacy 

I have been in and out of detention since I can remember. Last time I was only one week out when I got caught and brought back in. I was especially worried last time because I was turning 18 soon and I didn’t want to end up in adult detention. After doing a life skills program I started to see that I have a chance and WOLTi helped me to look into either going to the Army or starting a trade in construction. The Army turned out to be a long process but when my uncle heard I was interested in a trade he talked to his boss and together with assistance from WOLTi I started a Carpenter apprenticeship and have not looked back.

Ellie, 15

Name and photo changed to protect privacy 

I am 16 years old and have been to detention four times. When I first joined the WOLTi program they asked me what am I good at, and the only thing I could think I was good at, was drugs and crime! After a few sessions I realized there are other things I am good at and that I was an example to my younger brother who is now in detention for the first time. I care about my family and I didn’t want my brother to follow this kind of life, so WOLTi helped me look into what else to do. During the cooking lesson and seeing some work place videos I realized I love cooking so I have decided to become a chef, but first I have to complete my apprenticeship. I think I will start part time so I can get used to it.

Maddi, 17

Name and photo changed to protect privacy 

I am the second last child of a big family and my father left us soon after I was born. Also, I am different than other people (I was born a boy but I am a girl) so nobody gives me a go. During detention I joined a program with WOLTi and we learned everybody is good at something so I started working on finding what could I be good at! And since I have a passion for nice hair I want to be a hairdresser. WOLTi is helping me to find a hairdressing apprenticeship but first I need to get away from my old friends because every time they find me I end up back in detention so WOLTi will help me find a job or apprenticeship somewhere far from where I live. I never felt someone was really on my side, this time I think things will be different.

Jonathan, 13

Name and photo changed to protect privacy 

​I didn’t want to be there at first when I started the WOLTi program, I just wanted to get out of section for the day, but after some lessons I could see they were going to help me set my self up after I was released. I don’t want to be in detention, but I find it really hard when I am out and seem to end up back in over and over. Now, It has been the longest I have been out and I am trying to do some studies  and maybe get a partime job. WOLTi have been helping me and I think if I stay away from some of my friends I can stay out of detention all together.



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