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You have just completed the WOLTI Career Decision Making Program which is the first step towards your successful career.  


For your next step please be sure to download each of the below additional resources and save to your computer before proceeding.


A career is made up of many steps.  After, utilising the WOLTI self-guided Career Orientation Tool, discover your ultimate job exploring your options in the "job List" found on the "Resources" Page, then using this as your primary goal you can design your career one step at a time utilising the resources below (previously saved).


"Designing My Career Path" will assist you to work out how to achieve your career goal step by step.


"Strategies Worksheet" will assist you in developing a strategy on how to achieve each step one at a time commencing from entry level.


"First Employment Tips" will give you hints on general behaviour which will favour you at the beginning of each employment position.


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