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Our mission is to change the lives of homeless and at-risk young people by working with them individually, offering long term and focused intensive support.  


Our vision is to provide them with the life skills and support they need to break the cycle of poverty and hopelessness and build a better future.



Mobile Assistance

This mobile service will ensure young people who are sleeping rough, couch surfing or struggling to maintain a tenancy, can get help no matter where they are!

WOLTi provides assistance with and links to temporary emergency shelter and other basic needs, 

health care, counseling, employment, education, case management, and family reunification services.


Poor social supports can be associated with homelessness and increased risk of repeated or long term homelessness. 

Whilst WOLTi ‘s Mobile Homeless Youth Assistance Program's first priority is to make sure the young people are not in danger and has current stable living arrangements, it also includes Life Skills training, Emotional Education, Foundation and Employability skills program that provides job readiness and employment training and related support services to assist youth at risk not only gain but also maintain a stable and happy home life.


The program is based on a Strengths based approach that aims to create motivation and self-esteem. WOLTi works on the basis of recognising that every young person has potential that needs to be discovered and nurtured to to reach a bright future. The focus will be on "Soft Skills”, rapport and relationship building with YP through engaging, experiential training, counselling and mentoring.  The aim is to build a non-biased and non-judgmental environment for them to develop to their full potential.

WOLTi  assistance includes the following services:

  • Safe, stable living accommodations

  • Basic life skills building, including consumer education, budgeting, housekeeping, food preparation and parenting skills

  • Referral and preparation for educational opportunities, such as SEE program at TAFE, post-secondary training, vocational education and apprenticeships

  • Job attainment services, such as career counselling and job placement

  • Mental health care, including counselling, mediation, acknowledging and working through barriers

  • Referral to Physical health care, such as eye tests, health assessments and emergency treatment

  • Work With the YP families/carers  where possible

  • Full wrap around assistance

WOLTi has a holistic way to provide assistance to youth at risk ,preparing an individualised career path and one-on-one assistance to take the required steps to achieve the plan’s goal, providing food or essentials as needed, assisting stability by helping them sort out name changes, centrelink benefits, bank accounts, gaining ID documents, educating on the dangers of drugs and alcohol, helping with emotional support and development, providing contacts in the employment sector and providing funds to pay for qualifications or industry tickets to get their careers started as this will provide stability in the home and independence.

WOLTi’s Mobile Homeless Youth program provides services directly or by collaborating with other agencies or community groups. In particular, work closely with other organizations that work to protect and treat young people who have been or are at risk of homelessness, abuse or exploitation.


Summary of services:

  • Mobile home and community service

  • Access to emergency shelter/accommodation

  • Survival aid such as food hampers

  • Individual assessments

  • Life skills training

  • Mediation between participant and family

  • Trauma-informed treatment and counselling

  • Prevention and education activities

  • Information and referrals

  • Crisis intervention

  • Follow-up support

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