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WOLTI Program


  • To commence "Self Guided Career Selection Tool" click the"Start Program" button 

  • Complete Payment Requirements

  • Click on return to "Walk Of Life Training Inc." website 

  • Wait 10 seconds to automatically commence program



(If you need to make a bulk/group order please contact us to make arrangements)

Results Sample

View a sample of the results page when completing the WOLTI self guided career selection tool.

Jobs List

The Job List will present you all the job titles with links to the Job Guide directly to the job description you choose. When brousing any job title don't forget to look into the related jobs and also check on qualification requirenments by clicking on your State at the bottom of the information page.


This document contains some tips to keep in mind when you are approaching a potential employer or when you are about to start a new job.

Desiging career sample

View the sample of the Designing My Career additional resource. It will guide you through the process of selecting each step from your entry level first step all the way to your ultimate job. (Full document is automatically available after completing the WOLTI self guided career selection tool)

Career Strategies sample

Following from "Designing My Career" you will be able to complete the "Career Strategies" worksheet which will help you select a strategy for each step you selected for your career path. By completing your strategies you will have a practical career plan to reach your ultimate job. (editable document will automatically become available after completing the WOLTI self guided career selection tool)








The participants will complete program individually either via our website or by disk provided, where they each will respond to a specialized set of situational questions. Their answers will provide the information about their personality traits and be linked to suitable work environment.


These traits will influence their selection of jobs for exploration during the follow up stage where it all comes together by selecting a career path. They will be given a printout or electronic copy of their traits with reasoning behind it before selecting jobs for investigation on the additional resources which are:  The "job list" and the link to "my future"

The “job list” is a table in alphabetical order with all the job titles described in the ‘job guide’ in order to easily be able to browse and explore the particulars of any job desired ; click any job in “job list” and you will be linked to the job guide website directly to the page with the description of your selection. There, you will not only read the full description of the job, but also of other related jobs with their requirements and recommendations as per the Department of Education.


Also available is a link to "my future"website where you can see videos of many jobs to get a clear idea of what the work place looks like, what it will require and what are the opinions of people already working in the industry.



Participants can use what they are learning about themselves to make decisions and explore different areas of employment within one industry as well as engaging their mind interactively instead of just being given information.  This will bring a sense of ownership and commitment on each decision.


After these experiences you will be able to determine your main goal for your future career and design a 'Career Path' by writing down your ultimate job and deciding on each step that will take you there including study, training, volunteering, related entry level positions to enter the work force and any work experience in any related employment you can find.

PLEASE NOTE: You may find various career orientation programs that won't produce the comprehensive results that WOLTI will.  Other programs may be quite lengthy, based on asking your preferences on job activities which you may never have done before, do not offer any insight on your natural skills or personality aspects relevant to employment or will not produce results that can be used in a practical way for job searching or that could be placed in your resume.

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