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WOLTi 180° Program

WOLTi runs foundation and employability skills programs with small to medium sized groups who are disengaged or at risk, and aims to provide a means for participants to improve on motivation and self esteem, as well as learn about their natural positive skills and how to develop a career plan based on those skills.



We also provide a network of contacts and resources required to fulfil their career plan and become self sufficient. Through our coordinated approach, participants will have foundation skills, marketable employment & vocational skills, be prepared and assisted for suitable qualified training and finally find employment that have defined career paths for continual growth and advancement.


During the WOLTi Youth program participants will be supplied with occasional meals to reach a healthy focus and performance. They will also participate in a cooking class learning about healthy living, and OH&S in the kitchen as part of life skills or foundations for the Hospitality Industry.


The training also focuses on increasing motivation based on positive reinforcement, as we recognise that every person has natural strengths, which together with an appropriate career plan, can be the basis to success.  It also offers the means for participants to face and overcome any present personal barriers, and utilises activity based learning to improve interpersonal communication and conduct, to enable positive performance in further training and employment.

Eligibility Criteria (one or more):
* Young people (aged 10–18years) who are disengaged from school and has been involved in the justice system 
* Disengaged Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in a remote area
* Homeless
* Experiencing abuse at home
To be eligible, Queenslanders must also be:
* Aged 10 years or older and no longer at school 
* Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident (includes humanitarian entrant),
* Temporary resident with the necessary visa and work permits on the pathway to permanent residency, or
* New Zealand citizen.
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